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In our world today, more and more people need a hand to achieve a better life. That’s why here at Rooted In Love, Inc., we aim to reach out to those who are looking for assistance to get through everyday challenges.

Established in 2018, our nonprofit organization provides food and clothing to the homeless, impoverished, and those who are simply in need. Through our efforts, we are able to make a change one person at a time.

About Us

Rooted In Love, Inc is a 501(c)3  nonprofit organization that was formed on the shared dream and passion of helping those around us, passed through three generations. Rooted by my Grandmother Louise’s love, it was her vision that we would all grow to help those who are in need around us. Grandma Louise taught us to be of a life of service, to give what we can to help those around us, and to raise our children to  most importantly help others and  always have an open door for those in need. Watching the way she lived her life, her door was always open to those in need.  She was the neighborhood "grandma’" who was always  there to bake a cake on someone’s birthday or give  the neighborhood children a dollar to get snacks from the corner store. I started this organization to continue in her footsteps.

Continuing down her path, we work to provide the people in the Western New York Community, who are homeless/less fortunate or those who find themselves in need from time to time, with gently used clothing, nonperishable food items, personal care hygiene items free of cost. Our roots are to be a beacon of light within the community and sharing our good will with the ‘City of Good Neighbors.

- Tesha

Our Mission

We are formed for the purpose of aiding the homeless and the less fortunate in the Western New York Area who are in need of food, clothing, and hygiene products.

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